Our Company

Since our founding in 1985, BioChem’s primary focus has been to replace hazardous chemicals in the workplace with safer alternatives – without compromising effectiveness.

Our first product was created due to an urgent request by Coors Brewing for their internal chemists to replace a hazardous solvent used to clean aluminum cans before filling. The use of this dangerous solvent led to the tragic deaths of two of their employees, and they needed an alternative that was safe for their people and friendly to the environment.

Their team of world-class chemists worked hard on a safer formula, and they delivered a unique product that was highly effective, non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. This ground-breaking chemistry became known as BioT Max® and is still one of our best-selling products today.

Coors quickly realized that the technology they created could be vital to other industries, so they created a new division called BioChem Systems to continue innovating and to provide safer solvents for new applications and other companies.

BioChem Systems

40 years of growth and milestones

Company Timeline

After several years of growth and innovation, BioChem was then purchased in 1995 by a family-owned company in Wichita, Kansas. BioChem continues to be privately owned, and we are fortunate to still work with many of the original customers from the Coors Brewing days.

In the following years, BioChem pioneered work in the petrochemical industry through unit cleaning and decontamination, the rail industry with safer and more effective techniques for tank car cleaning, and in oil & gas production with better solutions for process system decontamination.

BioChem continues our tradition of growth and innovation, and we now serve a wide range of industries that include oil & gas production, manufacturing, rail, refining, paving, telecom, and construction.

We are excited about the future, and we look forward to serving our customers for years to come.

TarBuster is our ultimate solvent for industrial applications.

TarBuster® was formulated for the toughest industrial cleaning tasks and cuts cleaning time so you can focus on more important things. In as little as 30 seconds after application, TarBuster starts dissolving the toughest residue. TarBuster is the ultimate safe solvent for the refining and paving industries.

The full strength concentrate safely penetrates, dissolves, and removes grease, slurry, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paraffins, and other heavy oils.