Smart Chemistry

Smart Chemistry - Replacing hazardous solvents without compromising effectiveness.
Smart Chemistry is the way we approach our customers’ toughest cleaning challenges.

We dig deep to understand what matters most to our customers, and then we use our decades of experience across many industries, the deep knowledge of our world-class team of chemists and engineers, and basic common-sense to produce the safest and most effective solutions possible.

Smart Chemistry is the way we balance safety for workers, protection of the environment, and effectiveness when we create our products.

We know that even the safest solutions will never be used unless they help our customers work faster and more efficiently. Our products not only protect workers and the environment, but they also protect our customers’ bottom-line by decreasing risk, lowering total costs, and performing better than anything else on the market.

Smart Chemistry is the way we think about the future.
The needs and expectations of our customers change constantly, and we change with them.  We stay on the cutting edge of technology, adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and help our customers by sharing lessons learned from other industries in order to provide the most value possible.

TarBuster is our ultimate solvent for industrial applications.

TarBuster® was formulated for the toughest industrial cleaning tasks and cuts cleaning time so you can focus on more important things. In as little as 30 seconds after application, TarBuster starts dissolving the toughest residue. TarBuster is the ultimate safe solvent for the refining and paving industries.

The full strength concentrate safely penetrates, dissolves, and removes grease, slurry, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paraffins, and other heavy oils.