SolSafe 245 Liquid

SolSafe® 245 is your ultimate solvent for industrial and precision cleaning.

SolSafe® 245 is the ultimate solvent for industrial and precision parts cleaning in manual hand-wipe applications, parts washers, dip tanks, and ultrasonic cleaners. It effectively removes oil, grease, asphalt, bitumen, and the toughest hydrocarbon contaminants without leaving a residue.

SolSafe® 245’s proprietary full-strength formulation is non-hazardous, partially biodegradable, and non-toxic without compromising effectiveness. It is an excellent replacement for MEK, acetone, xylene, diesel, and other hazardous solvents for many industrial applications.

SolSafe® 245 also lowers total cleaning cost while keeping your employees safer and protecting the environment. The multi-purpose formulation helps reduce your inventory by replacing other harsh solvents, has a bath life in immersion systems up to six times longer than mineral spirits, and the lower evaporation rate lowers the amount of SolSafe® 245 needed for cleaning / degreasing.

Item #BF1024 - 1 Gallon Can (4/cs)
Item #BF1025 - 5 Gallon Pail
Item #BF1026 - 55 Gallon Drum
Item #BF1029 - 275 Gallon Tote


  • Non-Toxic
  • Residue Free
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Non-Hazardous
  • High Flash Point Formula
  • Non-Aqueous
  • Replaces Hazardous Solvents
  • Fresh Scent


  • Metal Parts Degreasing and Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation Prior to Painting
  • Electrical Parts Degreasing and Cleaning
  • Removing Adhesive Residues
  • Removal of all Heavy Hydrocarbon Fouling
  • Cleaning/Degreasing Without Water

TarBuster is our ultimate solvent for industrial applications.

TarBuster® was formulated for the toughest industrial cleaning tasks and cuts cleaning time so you can focus on more important things. In as little as 30 seconds after application, TarBuster starts dissolving the toughest residue. TarBuster is the ultimate safe solvent for the refining and paving industries.

The full strength concentrate safely penetrates, dissolves, and removes grease, slurry, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paraffins, and other heavy oils.