DSLX is your ultimate circulation cutter stock additive.

DSLX was formulated to dissolve the toughest hydrocarbons and petroleum sludge from your equipment or storage tanks. Our unique formula can clean up stubborn waste deposits to deliver a faster, better clean for your storage tanks. It is safe for the environment and has excellent metallurgical properties.

When added to cutter stock at the recommended dosage of 2%, DSLX will knock out up to 50% more hydrocarbon deposits and reduce your overall cost and time for the toughest cleaning challenges.

DSLX has a high flash point, is non-corrosive, and can easily be processed through typical refinery slop recovery systems.

To learn more about DSLX and its applications, please contact us for more information.

Item #BF4085 - 55 Gallon Drum
Item #BF4090 - 275 Gallon Tote


  • Effective with Most Cutters
  • Increases Cleaning Power
  • Faster / Better Clean
  • Extended Cutter Life
  • Effective at Ambient Temperatures
  • Reduced Cutter Volume Needed
  • Easy Disposal


  • Crude Oils
  • Crude Sludge
  • Paraffin
  • Heavy Oils
  • Asphalt
  • Heavy Hydrocarbon Foulants

TarBuster is our ultimate solvent for industrial applications.

TarBuster® was formulated for the toughest industrial cleaning tasks and cuts cleaning time so you can focus on more important things. In as little as 30 seconds after application, TarBuster starts dissolving the toughest residue. TarBuster is the ultimate safe solvent for the refining and paving industries.

The full strength concentrate safely penetrates, dissolves, and removes grease, slurry, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paraffins, and other heavy oils.